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Laura Reeves and TiMI, BISS GCH Scotian Too Much Information @Avanti, #1 German Wirehaired Pointer.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs


Our family always had dogs. Mutt dogs, purebred dogs, but always dogs. I grew up with dogs everywhere. My mother eventually enrolled me in dog care 4-H because I was “shy and retiring and lacked people skills”….. I am the living testimonial to the success of the 4-H program! I learned how to train and show and groom dogs. I learned dog breeds and dog anatomy and dog diseases. I learned dog judging. I learned to work and play nicely with others.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The philosophy is built on the concept that GWPs can and should be able to do it all. This means they should meet the breed standard, which doesn’t always mean they’ll win the most dog shows. This means they should be able and willing to find a bird and bring it back in any terrain, which doesn’t always mean they’ll win the most field trials. This means health testing and honesty about the results is more important than whether everyone breeds to one of our stud dogs. This means that temperament evaluations cannot be kennel blind.

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