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Laura Reeves and TiMI, BISS GCH Scotian Too Much Information @Avanti, #1 German Wirehaired Pointer.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs


Our family always had dogs. Mutt dogs, purebred dogs, but always dogs. I grew up with dogs everywhere. My mother eventually enrolled me in dog care 4-H because I was “shy and retiring and lacked people skills”….. I am the living testimonial to the success of the 4-H program! I learned how to train and show and groom dogs. I learned dog breeds and dog anatomy and dog diseases. I learned dog judging. I learned to work and play nicely with others.

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We are very excited to continue, as AKC Breeders of Merit and GWP preservation breeders, to produce happy, healthy, good-looking, good-working family companions. We have diligently incorporated the most consistently successful lines of dual-purpose dogs in the US and around the world to maintain the highest standards in all areas of the well-rounded GWP.


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