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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We are very excited to continue, as AKC Breeders of Merit and GWP preservation breeders, to produce happy, healthy, good-looking, good-working family companions. We have diligently incorporated the most consistently successful lines of dual-purpose dogs in the US and around the world to maintain the highest standards in all areas of the well-rounded GWP.

Life is too short to hunt over an ugly dog.

This mission ensures that when the plan comes together, which it does pretty regularly, the best of the dogs will compete quite successfully in dog shows, field trials, hunt tests, agility, obedience and much more. And some of these dogs will continue to contribute to the gene pool to improve the quality of the breed. The rest of the dogs will live their days as happy, healthy hunting dogs and companions, providing lasting joy and love to their families.

Our goal is good-looking, good-working, happy, healthy family companions.

Focusing on the whole dog guarantees that our plan is to make an honest, well-rounded dog. It means that when the plan doesn’t come together, as sometimes happens, we’ll learn from it, stand behind the dogs we sell and honestly share the information we’ve acquired the hard way.