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Winter 2019 * Planned Breeding

We are very excited to continue, as AKC Breeders of Merit and GWP preservation breeders, to produce happy, healthy, good-looking, good-working family companions. We have diligently incorporated the most consistently successful lines of dual-purpose dogs in the US and around the world to maintain the highest standards in all areas of the well-rounded GWP. For your consideration:

Mary is a lovely bitch, both substantial and elegant, high prey drive and birdy as heck. Looking forward, with my retirement, to finally having time to pursue her field work. We were devastated when the breeding to Clark didn’t take this spring and very shortly thereafter we lost Clark to a fast moving cancer.  We are making plans for a winter litter from Mary. Final announcement will be forthcoming.

Ch. Scotian JetSet's Blowin' In the Wind

Ch. Scotian JetSet’s Blowin’ In the Wind